On the outskirts of a small town sits a dark, empty Psychiatric Hospital. Well…it’s usually empty.

A constant visitor to this dreary site is Chet Woodson, an often misunderstood young artist whose obsession is fueled by the memory of his Mother, who died there years earlier. It seems his mother may or may not still exist there, depending upon your perception.

The isolation of Chet’s existence starts to change when he is reunited with his boyhood friend, Ron DiMari, who reminds Chet of his former, happier self.

This prompts Chet to reach out to another misunderstood person, Cindy Johnson, the local Coffee Truck driver who, as an abused girlfriend, is on the road to self-destruction.

Full of twists and unexpected turns, this unusual triangle comes to a climax, where all things in this story must end, at the Psychiatric Hospital and under the eyes of Chet’s mother.

A story about the complexities of the human condition, “Peripheral Vision” reaches out to the confused and misunderstood while also chilling your spine with a dark atmosphere and the kinds of twists found in the best of film noir thriller’s. It shows that people and life itself are rarely what they seem on the surface.

Life is an ever changing portrait. Can you see the whole picture?

Original Story and Screenplay
Michael D. D’Andrea

© 2006 Michael D. D’Andrea